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 Calling For Eden is an eight member modern Rock'n'Roll band with a bluesy punch of funk that hails from Dallas, Texas. The members are:

* KC King – Vocals / Guitar

* Zach Braidwood – Bass / Vocals

* Chris “Keylee” Wojan – Drums / Vocas

* Cliffo MacGreen – Keyboards

* Chuck Mallory – Saxophones / Trombone

* “Mad Dog” Mike Williams – Trumpet / Flugelhorn / Trombone / Flute / Percussion

* Chris “Ducky” Matthews – Trumpet / Trombone

* James “Sugar Cookie” Tuttle – Harmonica.

When KC and Zach met it was the catalyst that set the wheels in motion and got the band started. They began playing cover songs together on acoustic guitars. They simply played some of the songs they loved and it was well received wherever they played. The positive response grew beyond what the two had expected and drove them toward more original work. This inevitably led to their first band together, and over the last decade the two have worked together on countless projects and reiterations of their original band. Always being open to new ideas has allowed them to tremendously evolve what they do all along the way. In 2013 they began growing the band, bringing in drums, keyboards and completing CFE with the horn section and blues harp. Having a diverse array of members, backgrounds, and experiences gives CFE a unique musical talent and the ability to entertain the masses. Built on a solid foundation, they continue to play because this journey that started as simply as it did has led them to a career filled with the many experiences that dreams are made of. They can't wait to see where this journey will lead them in the days and years to come. "We love music. It is a language that transcends all barriers and speaks more than just the words within the songs."

CFE is constantly hard at work to write new songs and perfect and improve the old ones. They are currently gearing up to tour and play as many shows as possible, not only in the greater DFW area but also regionally throughout Texas and the surrounding states. They love to play in front of new faces and are always a crowd pleaser. They really know how to work a crowd and get the people dancing and having a good time. CFE has played The House of Blues Dallas, Trees, and Curtain Club among many others. They have been honored by the Curtain Club with a hand painted plaque of the band which the club displays on the wall with other influential acts that have played and impressed the Curtain Club owner. CFE has played for the Dallas Stars at American Airlines Center for their pre-game show. This is one of the bands fondest memories. Not just because it is a prestigious event, but also because the Stars mascot jumped on stage, snatched up a tambourine, and danced as the band played.

The many unique elements combined in CFE’s original work creates a unique and festive FunkRock'n'Roll vibe. Nataliezworld said, “These rock n' rollers have taken rock, funk, blues, country, jazz, as well as alternative to create something that is truly outstanding and unique.” Their electrifying shows are a performance to be seen, not just heard. Influences by acts such as: Dave Matthews, Bruce Springsteen, Earth Wind and Fire, Red Hot Chili Peppers, George Clinton, Chicago, The Blues Brothers, and many more can be heard in the CFE sound, but all combined with a modern unique twist. These influences and a desire to break the mold have inspired over 30 funk-rock original songs to date and new songs being written all the time. CFE currently has a five song EP entitled, “Simple Reasons.” It is a solid sampling of songs that demonstrates their wide variety of genre and style mixing. Baby Dolls and Razor Blades wrote, “In all this is an incredibly catchy EP. With a mixture of genres and well written lyrics, this is a perfect soundtrack for those chill out days. These guys are simply awesome.” These unique original songs plus over 100 cover songs done with the unique "CFE touch," combined with all their enthusiastic and loyal fans make every Calling for Eden show a festive night to remember!