We will be handing out free merchandise to all ticket buyers at our next show!

Together with the Stand for Something Group, we’ve put together an awesome show at The Red Goose Saloon July 12th in downtown Fort Worth, with our buddy bands Droo’s Peace Crush and Southside Soul Collective! These guys mesh with us very well and we promise a fantastic show! Additionally, as a token of our appreciation for all those who come out to support us all the time, we will be giving away choice packages of merchandise.

Come in and grab a shirt, koozie, stickers; whatever you want, and get ready for a night of great rock and roll!

Exciting things are happenIng

3 / 5 / 2019

Our music videos, done to our two songs Why Do I Do and Blindside, are shot and in production. We have a taste of the first from our producer, David Frost at the Frost Project (check him out on Facebook,) and it is simply amazing! Both will be done around the end of the month, we can’t wait to throw them up on Youtube for you guys and see what you think. We’ll notify you when we’re ready to go!

2 / 6 / 2019

We just got done recording an album, right now it’s in the process of being mastered. So in preparation of our new album coming out, we decided to go ahead and redo our website. We also shot our first music video! Be on the lookout for that wonderful eye candy. We’re looking forward to doing album artwork and photo shoots. We know it’s been a little while, but we have some live shows in the works coming up.